uflourish Inspirational events are a combination of everything I love most.  Providing life-changing information,  new ways of looking at things and creating new communities. 

Imagine that combo all with a sprinkling of fun and unique experiences!

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved bringing people together.  There’s something beautiful and life-affirming about sharing space with like-minded people. 

Connection is a basic human need.   

My passion and experience for hosting inspirational events feds into the heart centred workshops, meetups and retreats that I host as part of uflourish. 

Women love this time for themselves to reconnect, rediscover and release.


Day and weekend retreats for women

Take time for you – Enjoy either Full day and weekend retreats – Time to nourish, flourish and thrive.


Well-being workshops for women.    

Inspiring, Informing and Connecting you in your mission to improve your well-ness and happiness.



Monthly meetups

Part of the “Good Enough Women” group hosted by Naomi.   Regular super-friendly meet ups and supportive uplifting Facebook group bringing Sussex women together. 

Join – A group of like-minded women

Celebrate – The changing season – letting go of darker days and welcoming in the light

Nourish – Enjoy some light Vegan snacks

Flourish – Get focused for longer days and find your flow

Open up – To the power of ceremonial grade cacao and it’s deep rooted well-being benefits 

Relax deeply – With a guided creative visualisation

Lighten up – Let go, embrace your fun side and laugh with us

Book Here – £16 Including all food & drink

Gain Clarity – Working out what you want from life

Find Motivation – Why you want it

Setting Intention– Discover how this trick sets you up for success

Kick start your creative thinking – Get focused and into flow

Activate the Law of Attraction – Learn how this works on a neurology basis

Boost your mindset – Create your own personalised tools to keep you on track

Build your confidence – Hypnotherapy exercises to start the mind-set shifts that you need to grow

Book Here – £99 Including all tools, refreshments & lunch, and 30 days of coaching on-line.

“I’ll be using my learnings today to shift my mind-set into more positive ways of thinking and will be more focussed on this.   I’m planning on using the personalised affirmations and gratitude ideas to assist my plans.  Thanks for telling it how it is!”

“I am still smiling from attending today’s workshop today! Naomi, you are amazing! I feel really inspired now” 

“It was so lovely to meet you such an inspiring group of women and hear a bit about your journeys and your dreams – I feel so excited and enlightened to have learnt some things about myself and my dreams and cannot wait to smash it – thanks Naomi, what an inspiring day”

 “Thanks Naomi, for a wonderful day. I am so excited for the future and the journey! So much to think about and put into practice. I can’t wait. The food was also delicious!”

“The best thing about the workshop was finding out what was holding me back and I’ve benefited from focusing my mind and clarifying my 3 year vision.   I’ve soaked up so many positive feelings and my belief in my abilities has increased.   I will be using my personal affirmations, law of attraction and letting go of what’s holding me back to propel myself forwards.”

“I’m feeling so focussed after today’s workshop.  I realised what it is that I want and have gained confidence to go out and get it.   I loved the whole experience especially hearing other women’s dreams and realising my hidden story.   I’m going to take steps towards obtaining that incredible future – it really feels possible now.”

“WOW! There were so many surprises today from today’s DREAM workshop.  I got so much from the Hypnotherapy and making the vision board.    Your stories really made it make sense to me and I LOVED the food!   You created a safe space that enabled me to open-up to strangers and I’m excited to go away and start using the positive mind set tools that I’ve created specifically for me.”

“I loved hearing so much knowledge alongside the hypnosis and my very own mood board.  I’m feeling focussed on what I want in life and feel I have tools to make it happen now.  I’ll be using my vision board and cards daily to achieve great things!”



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