Hello world!

This is me

Here I am, boldly smiling out from behind the safety blanket that my logos and businesses have provided me for the past eight years.

It’s a terrifying and exhilarating moment as I woman-up to fear of being judged, or being called-out “Who the hell are you to put your cheesy lopsided grin on the front page of your website?”  “You’re just Naomi, from the block”.

A process totally necessary as I step into my newly branded web and social space inviting women to work with me to become more confident versions of their selves.

Do whizz over and see what I’ve created over at www.uflourish.co.uk

Wanna know the best way to overcome your fears?  Make friends with them!  So, I invited all my excuses round for tea and then created a place where it would hypocritical of me not to rock up and plaster my face on it!

I’m on mission to support women to turn on their light, so I must to shine bright too.   Put your sunnies on peeps – it’s going to dazzling!

You see, I’ve been watching from behind the curtains for 8 years, since my intrigue into the world of personal development was ignited. 

It all began when my mind-set was smashed open and my life changed in more ways than I can ever describe with my second daughter’s entrance into the world and my transformative Hypnobirthing experience.

My purpose was revealed with such intensity that I couldn’t ignore it.   I was lucky to discover my calling and have the balls to follow it.     I became a Hypnobirthing teacher in 2010 and the various elements of my coaching and events businesses have flourished ever since.

The start of 2017 saw me make a huge decision to stop playing small and take a giant leap of faith towards a life that I’d only previously dared to dream of.

So deciding on enough day-dreaming and more inspired action taking has led me here to launch the new look for Hypnobirthing Worthing & uflourish events! 

I’m looking forward to sharing the processes and tools that I am using to make that happen.

Which leads me to the unveiling of the super bright and shiny…. uflourish with Naomi

…. in the style of the theme tune of the year “Here I am!”  intensely proud, digging deep to find the courage to put myself truly “out there”

Welcome to my new business combining my three passions – Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing and Inspirational Events for women.    I’d be super excited if you hopped over to www.uflourish.co.uk to check out my boat-race and let me know what you think to my public display of affection to myself.   My self-built, obsessed over, passion project of creating my own website

I’ll pop up in your inbox once a week with my very own gems and uplifting insight if you subscribe.   I’ll share the high lights taken from my 8 years of reading, attending seminars, watching endless motivational videos, retraining at Sussex University and being coached by some the industry’s finest to create my own Naomi-shaped-place ready to support women to flourish and thrive – not just survive.

I’m privileged to be surrounded by so many super-lovely people who have generously given me their time, expertise and mopped up all my moments of self-doubt, as even the best confidence coaches have a range of human emotions too.

I wanna give a HUGE mega shout to the utterly professional and super talented Laura from https://cherryredphotography.com who has captured my positive energy and high vibe in a totally non-cheese way – make sure you look at her awesome images – she’s a natural at making you relaxed and snapping you at ease for business use and family portraits too.

And none of this would be at all possible without the endless patience and support of my hubby Aaron.   Thankyou.   I feel blessed. 


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